Nothing left (see Another Derbyshire for details)
It was sad to see the characters change. I loved the old
ideas,had an affection for all the aged things. I sniffed at
timbers, peeped through letter boxes at dusty carpets. I
fell from a height after climbing a monument. It wasn't
necessary but - well - I needed to. What was I? I didn't
know. I knew I was changing.

We were on a train travelling to..... Oh I've forgotten.
See, see what i mean? It was a dirty compartment with
coal-black windows and slimy floors. Had it been
raining? I think my head was wet. It wouldn't rain into the
compartment - would it? Perhaps there was a hole? It
was a very old train. I have an obsession about age.
Age is changeless after a certain point. I'm not sure what
I'm talking about. I know we were on a train. Are we on a
train now? I can hear a noise like wheels running over
rails. I always wanted a train set. Are we.....? Are we....?
Are we on a train.

It's still sad to see the characters change. There's a
procession going on outside. Why are they wearing
those gowns? This land has become a foreign land.
Those trees are like pyramids - those flowers keep
hurting my face.

The cat licks his paws and opens his mouth and coughs
- a worrying cough. i should care. I'm fumbling in my
pockets for a  bottle of pills. Whoosh! He's just sneezed!
He's very close to a change. There are alterations being
made that we don't know about.

There's a face I can't forget, a pixie with eyes that dart
about. They're always darting about. They're still
darting. They're darts. I'm walking along a busy road
and the seams of my jacket are burning. I need water -
rain - anything! I must survive. I must be strong. I'm
muscles - man-mountain - MIGHTY MOUSE! No ideals.
Nothing left.