I'm Smiling Now - is a poem included in the
CD Case History ..Plus
released on See for
Miles in 1994

I'm smiling now
I'm angelic as
I was last summer when
the hot sun burnt my
shapeless naked
fried me.

I'm pulling funny faces for
children to smile at and
I'm playing at being a
juggler with
grey and furry tennis balls I
steal from the park at

The boats
proud and numbered
are sailing
looking ugly as water rats
full of pilgrims who
have come to see me
performing my summer antics.

The roof of the
creaks to the strain of
raw-knee spectators who have
climbed high
to get a better view.

This summer is the
hottest one
I've known
because my hair
has dyed white with the sun and
has turned fine sand to the touch,
the hottest summer of
them all and
I'm certain that
winter will be short this time.