Exit 4 the Zoo Issue 1969 Again this was
produced with Ian Breakwell.

The Ape Age
The ape was in the jungle first.
The ape was in  the zoo second.
The ape was bought and taken to the
The ape was used by the industrialist.
The ape became a high-ranking official.
He opened tea parties and sales of works.
He appeared on television.
He launched new products all by himself.
He opened supermarkets,
and nobody minded.

My favourite Zebra
once new
now dead
died bleeding from a wound in the batteries.
Yesterday i caressed his stomach
the palm of my hand sweating with pleasure.
Now he's gone.

He was a most pleasing Zebra
so friendly
always happy.
Riding over the miles of yellow sand I'd
whisper softly to him,
Faster - harder- faster - harder.
Why did he die?

I adored you Zebby.
My friends could never understand
but we knew didn't we?
Our affections were special affections
untarnished by beastly human love.
Ours was a perfect relationship.

Today i made your grave
plain and simple as you would have wished.
Tomorrow I'll bury you.
You'll like the place I've chosen,
the yellow sand is very near.

The Thrush In My Heart
There's a thrush in my  heart
that flutters every time i cough
that flutters wings far too big for a thrush.
One Day I'll take the thrush
push it through my throat.

If Rain Is The Answer
If rain is the answer - let it rain,
Let it rain till the water floods my mouth.

If snow is the answer - let it snow
Snow and snow till I'm totally covered.

If Jesus is the answer - let him come
-show me his wounds
-run his hand through my hair -
Pour his blood all over me