Derbyshire- (see Another Derbyshire for details)
It was a long walk. I walked a long way. I was tired. The
headlights scorched my arse. The valley view was in
darkness and seemed faintly menacing. I imagined the
menace. The yokels greeted me - grated on me. They
had spiky noses and naked ears. I started to wonder if
the walk had been worth it. It had. I could never be sure.
There was a dance in the town, a red-pant dance for
lipstick users. I saw the lights without any trouble. I
rejected the offers of companionship. I couldn't be sure.
The dart throwers were throwing - casual yet prim. It was
a serious game. I waited for the dart in the face. Need it
be so inevitable? I drew no conclusion - just carried on
drinking. I had a wet chin. I wiped it with the sleeve of my
velvet coat. Difficult moments. I pondered a little and
made a fierce attempt to sort myself out. I knew I looked
odd. I worried about it. I had to try and smile. I failed. I
farted. The beer and the company were very, very strong